Higher Certificate in Science in Business Computing

Programme Code HCBC
Programme Duration 2
Programme Level 6
EQF Level 5
EHEA Level Short Cycle
Programme Credits 120
Semester Duration 0 Week(s)
Language of Instruction English
CAO Code; QQI Progamme Code etc

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

• Knowledge and understanding of theory, concepts, and methods in the IT and Business fields in particular in the following areas: o Web Design o Programming o Databases o Project Management o Management o Marketing o HRM o Accounting o Organisation Behaviour o Business Analysis
• The learner will be able to: o Explain the basic concepts and theories in the core areas of Business Computing o Appreciate best practices in computing as well as having an awareness of the range of roles and responsibilities of computing professionals.
• The learner will be able to: o Operate and implement computing systems o Demonstrate effective information retrieval skills o Communicate effectively both orally and in written reports on a range of computing topics o Carry out risk analysis for given scenarios and contexts.
• The learner will be able to: o Analytically identify, formulate and implement technical solutions in the analysis, design and development of small scale software applications. o Troubleshoot a variety of computer software solutions o Produce and interpret problem resolution documentation.
• The learner will be able to: o Apply appropriate professional, ethical and legal principles in the adoption of computer technology. o Apply best practice in developing small scale software applications in a range of real world Business contexts. o Demonstrate awareness of new technologies in Business
• The learner will be able to: o Work in a support role either individually or in a collaborative group environment under supervision. o Interact effectively with staff at all levels of an organisation including non-computing staff.
• The learner will be able to: o Apply appropriate independent as well as group learning strategies which meet the requirements of the rapidly changing computing industry.
• The learners will be able to: o Recognise different group dynamics and perspectives, whilst having an appreciation of the complexities of business relationships. o Accept feedback and apply it constructively.

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H6IMBC Introduction to Mathematics for Business & Computing
H6MYL Managing Your Learning
H6PSP Problem Solving and Programming Concepts
H6CI The Computing Industry
H6WD Web Design

Stage 1 / Semester 2

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H6DM Digital Multimedia
H6MGM Introduction to Management
H6IM Introduction to Marketing
H06IP Introduction to Programming
H6SAB Software Applications for Business

Stage 2 / Semester 1

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H6FBA Fundamentals of Business Analysis
H06ID Introduction to Databases
H06ID Introduction to Databases
H06SPM IT Project Management
H6ORB Organisational Behaviour - Theory and Practice
H6WAD Web Application Development

Stage 2 / Semester 2

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H06BE Business Entrepreneurship
H06DCN Data Communications and Networking
H6ITP Interdisciplinary Team Project
H6PA Principles of Accounting