Programme Code BAHPSYCH
Programme Duration 3
Programme Level 8
EQF Level 6
EHEA Level First Cycle
Programme Credits 180
Semester Duration 1 Week(s)
Language of Instruction English
Field of Study 0313 - Psychology
Supplementary Field of Study Psychology
CAO Code; QQI Progamme Code etc
Programme Extra Information The part-time version of this programme runs over 4 calendar years.

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

Demonstrate an understanding of the core theories, concepts and methods which underpin the discipline of psychology.
Communicate a comprehensive knowledge of diverse theories and research findings across a range of psychological subjects and specialisms.
Demonstrate mastery in psychological research skills including systematic research design and statistical analysis.
Evaluate theoretical and empirical work in order to formulate judgements and draw conclusions in various domains in psychology.
Apply relevant professional and ethical standards in the planning, execution and dissemination of research.
Demonstrate an ability to work effectively in a team environment and take accountability for decisions.
Exercise personal responsibility in adapting knowledge and skills acquired to address novel research questions and problems in varying contexts.
Articulate the role of psychology plays in a range of applied and interdisciplinary settings.

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H6IRM Core Research Skills for Psychologists
H6IDVPSY Introduction to Developmental Psychology
H6IPSYCH Introduction to Psychology
H6SPS Social Psychology 1

Stage 1 / Semester 2

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H6COPSY Coaching psychology
H6CPS Cognitive Psychology
H6INSTAT Introduction To Statistics
H6LB Learning and Behaviour
H6SPS2 Social Psychology 2

Stage 2 / Semester 1

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H7BBB Biological Psychology
H7PID Personality and Intelligence
Group Elective 1
Module Code Title
H7BS Behavioural Science: Problem Based Learning
Group Elective 2
Module Code Title
H7PSYGEN Psychology of Gender

Stage 2 / Semester 2

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H7ADCPN Advanced Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience
H7ARMTH Applied Research Methods
H7APSTAT Applied Statistics
H7PLAB Psychology Labs
H7PSYPATH Psychopathology
Group Elective 2
Module Code Title
H8CRT Critical Thinking
H7MCPSY Multicultural Psychology

Stage 3 / Semester 1

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H8ABP Advanced Biological Psychology
H8PSYPR Final Project
H8HPSY Health Psychology
Group Elective 1
Module Code Title
H8CAMH Child and Adolescent Mental Health
H8CRPSY Criminal Psychology
H8POSPSY Positive Psychology
H7PRMA Project Management
H8POA Psychology of Ageing
H8PRS Public Relations and Social Media
H7SOB Social and Organisational Behaviour

Stage 3 / Semester 2

Core Subject
Module Code Title
H8APDVPSY Applied Developmental Psychology
H8BEHPSY Behavioural Psychology
H8PSYPR Final Project
Group Elective 2
Module Code Title
H8CYPSY Cyberpsychology
H8DA Data Analytics (Psychology)
H8EDPSY Educational Psychology
H8EDI Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
H8PSTY Psychotraumatology
H8SMNGT Sales Management
H8WRPSY Workplace Psychology